About Us
We believe that, as a full service marketing communications firm, our mission is to serve as expert consultants and implementers of the promotional element in our client’s marketing mix. Furthermore, we believe that the purpose of promotion is to maximize market awareness and to optimize consumer perception of our clients’ organizations as well as their products/services. Lastly, we believe that in order to be effective, we must continually hone our creative, publicity and media selection skills and are obliged to master the art and science of marketing. We do. And we have.

Creativity, like beauty, is in the eyes and ears of the beholder. The purpose of creativity in promotion is three-fold: capture reader/listener/viewer attention, be memorable, and convey an appealing/motivating/relevant message. While some judge our creativity by the awards we’ve won, we prefer that our creativity be judged by the positive impact it has on our clients’ overall marketing efforts.

Ours is a service business. Everyone at the company understands that we exist at the behest of our clients. Although a friendly atmosphere exists, it is first and foremost professional. Management leads by example. We share workloads and responsibilities almost instinctively. Partly because we’re friendly, mostly because we’re professionals. Striking a balance between the two has been easy for us. Perhaps that explains why we attract so many friendly, yet thoroughly professional clients.

“Long term.” That probably best describes the client relationships we have and those that we seek. Yes, we gratefully accept projects on an à-la-carte basis. However, be forewarned. Clients who choose us for individual assignments invariably come to recognize and appreciate our dedication to service, award winning creative talents and the ability to complete projects on-time and on-budget. This causes them to turn to us for assistance on a repetitive basis, to a point where we usually become their exclusive partner in promotion.

We’ll return your call on the same day. If a vendor fails to meet a delivery date, we’ll tell you before that date. If you need work done in a crunch we’ll do everything in our power to lift that burden. If a two color brochure will do the job, we won’t try to talk you into doing a four color piece. If we’re having lunch on your birthday, we won’t ask the waiters to sing.

Development Process

Before we don our creative running shoes, we polish up our marketing wingtips. We start with an input session and follow it by preparing a detailed content outline for literature/brochures or a copy platform for advertisements. Once you’ve approved the contents’ all-inclusiveness and the proper sequence in which it is to be presented, we hold an agency brainstorming session, conjuring up dozens of concepts. The top three or four that best reflect your approved directions are formalized into layouts and/or storyboards. Radio copy, of course, is scripted. When we present our concepts, we’ll be pleased to discuss our creative strategy and demonstrate how it dovetails with your stated objectives. Of course, we welcome your changes, amendments, correction, modifications or amplifications, since our work must reflect your philosophy, attitude and perspective.

One Last Word
Some time ago we were involved in a market study to determine how advertisers choose agencies. What causes them to change agencies? What do they look for? The answers may or may not surprise you. The most commonly stated reason for changing agencies is that the Account Executive left. That makes sense because this is a people business. When the AE is the only face clients see, that AE becomes the agency and when he or she leaves, the agency isn’t the agency anymore. Management involvement is critical. We not only circulate contact reports of each meeting, management meets with clients on a regular basis not only to lend input, but to monitor satisfaction as well.

What do advertisers look for in an agency? The most common answer was not “creativity”. It was “experience in our industry”. This raises the question of how does one gain experience in an industry in which having experience is a prerequisite. We ask prospective clients to give us one hour of their time for an input session. We’ve developed an audit sheet which we use to query prospects with maximum efficiency. From that input we prepare a marketing communications plan with such detail that we challenge those who claim 20 years experience in a field to prepare a more thorough, comprehensive document. To paraphrase Lee Iacocca, “if you can find a better marketing communications plan, buy it”.