Famous Tag-Lines

Some call them “Slogans”, but technically, they are “Tag-Lines” because they “tag” along with the company name. Their purpose is to summarize the positioning/branding message a company or product wishes to be identified with. Here are some of the more famous Tag Lines. How many can you name? If you’re stumped, e-mail us for the answer. Come back often, as we update this list periodically.

They make you jump higher, run faster.

Caffeine Fee – Never had it…Never will.

Every woman alive wants...

Come Alive!

I’m glad I met ya.

_________ is ready when you are.


Ring around the collar.

The other computer company.

Look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp.

You expect more from us and you get it.

Helps keep food out, dentures in.

The taste that’s right.

The super star in rent-a-car.

Cross you heart.

It’s the taste that counts.

Like a good neighbor, _________ is there.

It’s not your father’s _____________.

Where’s the beef?

His prices are insane!!

It’s going to be a(n) _____________ night.

Flick my _____________.

Two scoops of raisins in every box.

America’s favorite 31.

All righta!

Fly with the Baron.

Leave it to the good hands people.

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